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Access 10 hours of brand new premium content in this CPD/CE exotics webinar course, delivered by expert speakers.

We have created a brand new Exotics CPD course including 10 webinars delivered by expert speakers. We’re so excited to share this brilliant content with you! Learn all about avian anatomy, reptile skin diseases, genito-urinary disease in guinea pigs and so much more. This course is available to watch on demand on any connected device. These webinars, covering a variety of exotics topics, are great for you to top up your knowledge and get your CE/CPD hours in. Find out more about the sessions you’ll have access to below!

10 hours of CE/CPD for only £97.00+VAT!

This course is kindly sponsored by Pinmoore Animal Laboratory Services

What webinars are included in the course?

African Pygmy Hedgehogs – Diagnosis and treatment of common conditions

An Introduction to Reptile Husbandry, Nutrition and Environmental Enrichment

Avian Anatomy

Reptile Skin disease

Respiratory disease in reptiles

Avian Influenza Outbreak 2020-21

The Anorexic tortoise

Genito-urinary disease in Guinea pigs

Zoonotic Diseases in Exotic Pet Medicine

Ophthalmology of exotic pets

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