26th April 2022 | 20 minutes

Enhancing Self-Care

With Kathryn Bell & Liz Barton

About this episode

This VETChat episode is part of our series on supporting and empowering women in veterinary, hosted by Kathryn Bell. Joining Kathryn today is Liz Barton, Head Of Communications at VetCT and Co-Founder of WellVet.


In this episode, Kathryn and Liz discuss how we can enhance our own self-care. They talk about the reality of self-care, how we can become more aware of our levels of self-care, how to deal with being overwhelmed or stressed, and how to practice self-care during busy workdays. Liz also explains some strategies for practice managers or team leaders to take up to improve the well-being of their co-workers and the influence of practising mindfulness.