Dentistry CPD Bundle

Enjoy 6 hours of brand new premium content in this CPD/CE webinar bundle

This bundle contains dentistry webinars suitable for both vets and vet nurses. These webinars, covering a variety of topics, are great for you to top up your knowledge and get your CE/CPD hours in. You’ll also be able to watch them from any connected device, at any time, anywhere, at your leisure.

6 hours of CE/CPD for only £77+VAT!

What webinars are included?

Anaesthesia Considerations for the Dental Patient

Presented by Stacey Parker
The RVN is routinely in the position of supporting the dental patient through their anaesthesia and recovery. This can be a daunting venture for many. The aim of this lecture is to ease the anxiety around dentistry anaesthesia, give you some tips to take back into practice and improve the experience for the whole team and the patient.

Analgesia for the Dental Patient

Presented by Stacey Parker
The dental procedure is one that is performed daily in many hospitals and clinics. It is of upmost important to ensure our patients receive an appropriate analgesia regime, which should be tailored to every patient. It is vital we understand the drugs available to us, to use them safely and to their full potential. This lecture will guide you through potential analgesia drug choices and give you a stronger insight as to why we may choose each one.

The role of the RVN in Dentistry

Presented by Stacey Parker
The RVN is in the perfect position to be involved, improve, and engage with the dental procedure. This webinar will aim to show you what you could get involved in and how this will benefit the patient as well as increasing your practical skill application. Dentistry is a real team event, so the better educated and more confident we all feel, the better the outcome.

Dental and Oral Investigation

Presented by Alex Smithson

Pain and Dentistry: Does it Really Hurt?

Presented by Alex Smithson
Complications in dentistry and oral surgery have the potential to cause significant pain – forward planning and good technique is essential. The severity of pain is easily underestimated in dental cases; conditions resulting in necessity for extraction are frequently painful, and this is then followed by the surgical stimulus. Patients for dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery thus experience severe, noxious stimulus. To protect their welfare and avoid complication, careful, appropriate technique coupled with appropriate analgesia must be used. The value of pre-emptive analgesia is well documented for any procedure where noxious stimulus is involved. The operator must accurately anticipate the type and degree of stimulus in order to select the optimal analgesic regime to reduce pain, aid healing and recovery. Local analgesic techniques should be considered for all cases as, whilst not entirely benign and care is required, performed properly it is simple and highly effective. This webinar provides essential, practical advice to guide your approach and techniques to identify, prevent and reduce pain in dental and oral cases.

Extraction Complications and How to Avoid Them

Presented by Alex Smithson
Extractions can present a frustrating and wide variety of complications in both feline and canine patients. Dr Smithson guides your approach to extractions and challenging cases to prevent problems and make your dentistry more enjoyable and efficient. Action required when complications arise is also explored. Delegates will gain confidence and refinement in their approach to cases including: Feline extractions, Resorptive lesions, Pain prevention, Instrument usage, Infection, Extraction of root remnants, Challenging teeth, Oro-nasal communication, Iatrogenic trauma.