Client Care At Animals' End Of Life Expertise Series

Client Care at Animals’ End of Life Expertise Series

Can your practice afford not to be expertly trained in client-care at animals’ end of life? 

We have a package of three webinars perfect for the Front of House Team.

Caroline Hewson 

MVB PhD MRCVS ​ The Pet Loss Vet

Caroline Hewson Webinar Speaker

After six years in UK practice, Caroline Hewson did a PhD and was Research Chair in Animal Welfare at the Atlantic Veterinary College, Canada from 2000 to 2006. Her work there included teaching client communication and she created a related teaching video that five other vet schools bought. Returning to UK practice, Caroline created The Loss of Your Pet client-support packs and The Loss of Their Pet team training to help practices bridge the bereavement support gap without needing more time or personnel. In 2014, she has written eight papers (published or in press) on the academic and practical aspects of client-care during animals’ end-of-life, and written the relevant section of the BSAVA PetSavers Senior Dog Guide. In addition to providing full-day conference-style CPD for the practice team, Caroline is an invited speaker at veterinary and veterinary nursing meetings across the UK.

Praise for Caroline Hewson

"I have found this a very interesting, thought-provoking and useful course and I will certainly make use of what I’ve learned. "

"I have found it highly informative and really helps you think about what you are saying and doing: especially after such a long time in practice it can be easy to become quite dismissive and at times, judgemental."

"I have really enjoyed this course […and] have come away with more insight and the tools I need to continue to improve my empathy with "pet parents"

"I have found this course very enlightening and will look at euthanasia and client grief in a different way from now on"

"This course has taught me some valuable lessons in client empathy and the way we effectively communicate during the difficult end of life episodes; Thank you."