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Nurses and Dermatology - The Bite Sized Guide to Getting Started

Are you a vet nurse wanting to know more about dermatology and how you can play a major role in dermatology cases? Join us for over 2 hours of CPD with Frances Gaudiano RVN BVNA DipIDerm.

The series will be split into 4 webinars covering:

– How nurses can play a key role in dermatology cases
– Top tips on how to set up nurse dermatology clinics
– Top tips on the samples nurses can take in order to help in the diagnostic process (bloods, skin scrapes, swabs, tape impressions)
– Some case examples giving you a more practical experience of what your nurse clinic could involve

Ceva Animal Health will also include further training on new scientific advances in their DOUXO S3 range.

What sessions will you have access to?

This brief talk discusses how fulfilling working in dermatology can be for a nurse. There is a lot of independence, as well as a lot of intellectual challenges involved in the role of the dermatology nurse. Most importantly, helping your patients and clients with chronic skin conditions can truly improve their quality of life.

The aspects of setting up a nurse-led dermatology clinic are explained in a step-by-step approach. Beginning with sources for training and moving onto ways to promote your clinics, communication with clients and the basic steps of taking a history, all major aspects of getting yourself started as a dermatology nurse are included in this lecture.

The various types of sampling used in dermatology, including: tape strips, plucks, scrapes, impression smears and coat brushings are demonstrated and explained in this presentation. The types of pathogens that you are likely to identify are included, along with tips on analysing your samples under the microscope.

Signalment, history, diagnostic tests and treatment plans for several varying cases are discussed in this talk. Both the common and the bizarre are included in the series of dermatological problems. The nurse’s role is highlighted throughout.

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Meet the speaker

Frances Gaudiano RVN BVNA DipIDerm

Frances began nursing a very long time ago and has worked in private, charity and university practices. She gained the BVNA Diploma in Dermatology (a now extinct qualification) in the early 2000s, going onto to write Veterinary Dermatology: A Manual for Nurses and Technicians. Since then, Frances has taught Veterinary Nursing at Brinsbury College and is currently working in general practice, where she hangs out in the lab, avoiding all the dirty jobs in the kennels.

In her spare time, Frances writes about anything but dermatology and plays with her dogs, neither of whom have skin problems.