Cattle CPD Bundle

In partnership with NationWide Laboratories,
featuring three great cattle webinars from Roger Blowey

We've got together with NationWide Laboratories to create this handy Cattle CPD Bundle! 3 CPD webinars for only £27+VAT, presented by Roger Blowey. You'll be able to watch the webinars at your leisure, any time, any place on any connected device!

What webinars are in the bundle?

Lameness - A Condition of Cows that Starts in Heifers

Lameness is one of the major ailments of dairy cows, but the problem starts in heifers. The distress it causes to the afflicted animals is reflected in decreased milk yields and an increase in infertility. This webinar explores the issue and provides a guide to prevention and hoof care. It covers the incidence and costs of lameness, the structure of foot, with its function and possible inflammation, hoof trimming, and the treatment of common diseases.

Improving Calf Rearing – Colostrum, Management & Disease

The purpose of this webinar is to enable the dairy farmer, beef producer and calf rearer to keep their stock healthy and productive. The emphasis is on the importance of caring for the animals correctly from the very early stages and the big effect this has on subsequent performance and economics. Newborn calves must receive high quality colostrum. Colostrum contains antibodies or immunoglobulins (essential proteins) necessary to provide the calf with protection from disease. Roger Blowey explains in detail the best practices in feeding and caring for calves to give them a good start in life and to provide for better development of the animal from young calf to adult.

Milk Quality and Mastitis Control

Mastitis in dairy herds is a worldwide problem, with significant implications for milk yields and quality, economic losses, and animal health and welfare. Effective control makes a considerable difference to the farmer and the animal. Roger Blowey explains basic principles in a clear and practical way, covering anatomy, epidemiology, milking machines, disinfection, somatic cell counts, and diseases of the udders and teats in order to provide an understanding of the causes of mastitis and measures of control and prevention.

About the speaker

Roger Blowey BSc, BVSc, FRCVS, FRAgS, RCVS

Roger Blowey trained at Bristol University where he gained honours degrees in veterinary science and biochemistry. After a period at the Central Veterinary Laboratory, Weybridge, studying metabolic profiles, he returned to Gloucester where he is a partner in a mixed practice, the Wood Veterinary Group.

Roger’s special interests are preventive medicine and the interaction of nutrition, disease and environment on the productivity of livestock units. He has lectured extensively on these subjects in Britain and overseas, featured in educational programmes on radio and television and has written numerous original papers and books on a wide range of topics. He is an RCVS Specialist in cattle Health and Production, and has been awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for meritorious contributions to learning, the RASE Bledisloe Veterinary Award for outstanding achievements in the veterinary field, and the BVA Dalrymple-Champneys medal for work of outstanding merit in the advancement of veterinary science.

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