Get your hands on both the Clinical Pathology and Neurology streams from this year’s BSAVA conference

The Webinar Vet are delighted to be working with the BSAVA by recording the above streams from this year’s conference so those outside of the UK and unable to access can still watch these incredible, exciting speakers.

Get access to over 11 hours of content straight from the BSAVA conference right now for just $186NZD

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About the recordings

We’ll be bringing you the recordings of both the Clinical Pathology on a Budget and Neurology streams, so you’ll have access to the industry-leading speakers without having to travel

You can find out which recordings you’ll have access to by clicking on the tabs

With access to the recordings, you’ll be able to watch the below neurology sessions by Steven De Decker and Rick LeCouteur

  • How to get the most from your neuro exam – Steven De Decker
  • Cerebrovascular disease: do dogs have strokes? – Rick LeCouteur
  • Poorly puppies: neurological disease in the young animal – Steven De Decker
  • Cervical spondylomyelopathy (‘Wobblers’): diagnosis and treatment options – Steven De Decker
  • Spinal cord disorders on a budget – Rick LeCouteur
  • Cranial nerve disorders: figuring out the floppy faces – Rick LeCouteur
  • A logical approach to vestibular disease – Steven De Decker

With access to the recordings, you’ll be able to watch the below Clinical Pathology sessions from Ian Ramsey, Kathleen Tennant and John Chitty

  • Getting more for no more from your laboratory – Ian Ramsey
  • Cytology: fine-needle aspirate techniques and solid lumps – Kathleen Tennant
  • Cytology: don’t forget the blood smear – Kathleen Tennant
  • Cytology: fluids – Kathleen Tennant
  • When to test and when to treat – Ian Ramsey
  • Point-of-care meters – Ian Ramsey
  • Small mammals – John Chitty
  • Reptiles and birds – John Chitty