1st March 2022 | 23 minutes

Bringing Back The Great Bustard

With Anthony Chadwick and John Chitty

About this episode

Joining Anthony for today’s episode of our sustainability series on VetChat by The Webinar Vet is John Chitty; RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine, Co-Director at Anton Vets, and consultant to seven zoological collections, a commercial laboratory and the Great Bustard Reintroduction project.


In this episode, Anthony and John discuss the introduction of Great Bustard birds back into the United Kingdom. John explains the history of great bustards in the UK and how they were hunted to national extinction in the 19th century. He explains what the great bustard group are doing to re-introduce these birds, how they have created a population of around 100 birds already, and their plans for the future. Anthony and John also talk about the re-introduction of the white-tailed eagle on the Isle of Wight, and John’s involvement and opinions on this movement.


Find out more about the great bustard group here.