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Battling Burnout with Vetoquinol

Sessions presented by Professor Matt Walker, Tim Smale and Will Williams.

About the webinars

Mental health is a crisis right now in the veterinary industry, with UK vets said to be three to four times more likely to die by suicide than the general population. The pandemic has only worsened feelings of burnout and pushed many vets to a near-breaking point. Therefore, Vetoquinol wants to provide vets with a small time out to alleviate some of the day-to-day mental strain placed on them. Through a three-part webinar series, the audience will experience; a keynote and Q&A session with Professor Matthew Walker (author of international bestseller ‘Why We Sleep), a hypnotherapy session with Clinical Hypnotist Tim Smale, and a guided meditation and Q&A with founder of Beeja Meditation, Will Williams.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide veterinary professionals with a window of time to focus on their wellbeing
  • Share practical advice and techniques for battling burnout and workplace stress
  • Show veterinary professionals new and unique ways of unwinding and improving their mental health
  • Highlight that Vetoquinol cares for the wellbeing of the veterinary community, and is conscious of the current challenges they face

Webinar Dates - Now Available to Watch

Webinar 1 – Tuesday 16th November 2021, 7:30pm GMT – Professor Matt Walker [Webinar no longer available]

Webinar 2 – Wednesday 24th November 2021, 7:30pm GMT – Tim Smale [Webinar Now Available to Watch HERE.]

Webinar 3 – Tuesday 30th November 2021, 8:00pm GMT – Will Williams [Webinar Now Available to Watch HERE.]

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About the speakers

Professor Matt Walker

Matt Walker is a scientist and professor, specialising in the psychology and neuroscience of sleep and how it is crucial to human health. He is an internationally recognised speaker, featuring frequently on mainstream TV and radio outlets like CBS and the BBC. His Ted Talk titled ‘Sleep is your superpower’ was one of the fastest to reach 1 million views. Matt is also the author of the international bestseller, Why We Sleep.

Tim Smale

Tim uses a mixture of cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, and NLP techniques to help individuals to boost confidence, self-esteem, and enhance their performance. Whilst Tim keeps his client base fairly private, he has helped celebrities and teams from companies such as The Guardian, Ogilvy, and Featurespace.

Will Williams

Will and his team at Beeja Meditation are leading independent teachers of Vedic meditation, working with individuals and organisations in London, Brighton, and across Europe to sustain balance and achieve success in all areas of their personal and professional lives through this transformative yet simple practice. Beeja Meditation has delivered sessions to some of the most innovative companies, such as Apple, Google, Sony, and HSBC.