The Issue of Employment Tribunals

Employment tribunals have risen by 65% this year, due to a Supreme Court ruling in December that it is illegal to force claimants to pay fees if they want to lodge a complaint against their employer. The fees were introduced four years ago, and saw the number of claims drop drastically. Now, in a not entirely unexpected trend, the rate is shooting up again, although it still has a way to go until it reaches its previous level.

The change is beneficial for anybody who, to be broad, works for somebody, but has raised some concerns for people who run companies. The chances of frivolous claims will rise, and these are a problem in themselves, but there will also be more genuine claims brought by people who would previously not have been able to afford to do so.

Once you end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit, you will usually find yourself on a tortuous journey that can take months if not years to resolve. It may well be that you lose the case, and have to make a large pay out to the aggrieved, as well as legal costs. It will also reflect negatively on your reputation – nobody wants to work somewhere where an employee successful sued the company. Put simply, an employment tribunal is something you want to avoid at all costs.


The Solution from Eight Legal

Fortunately, we have a webinar that can help you with this. In “Will you be sued in 2018? Top tips for avoiding the Employment Tribunal”, James Cronin of Eight Legal explains exactly how you can protect yourself from lawsuits by using simple but effective strategies to make sure you don’t give anybody a desire or justification to take you to court. James also gives advice on how to take precautions without hampering the growth of your business, so you can protect both yourself and your employees. This webinar is now available as a recording, so if you’re in Practice Management then this really is one you really can’t afford to miss!

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