Rabbit CPD Bundle On Offer!

3 premium quality rabbit CPD webinars for just £30+VAT

For just £30+VAT, you can enjoy 3 rabbit CPD sessions. We’ve selected 3 fantastic webinars from 3 fabulous speakers for you to enjoy. Hear from Molly Varga, Guen Bradbury and Richard Saunders. Don’t forget, you’ll be able to access these webinars on demand from any connected device!

What webinars are included?

Why Don’t Rabbits Like Being Picked Up? - Guen Bradbury

Rabbits are a prey species and usually feel very stressed when they are picked up – but this is how most owners interact with them. This often leads to fear or aggressive behaviours, which worsen the owner’s relationship with the rabbit. This talk will help you understand why rabbits find being picked up stressful and will give you practical tips to help owners to develop better relationships with their rabbits.

10 Things You Need to Know About Rabbits - Richard Saunders

In this webinar you will know how to:
Develop an appreciation of prey behaviour, know what is normal and abnormal for rabbits in the clinical exam, how to take a blood sample, carry out safe IV induction, intubate, examine incisors and know how to trim them, examine cheek teeth and know how to trim them.
This content is RACE approved – program number 1448-38212

Respiratory Disease in Rabbits and Rodents - How to stop them snuffling and snorting - Molly Varga

In this webinar Molly will give a review of the respiratory anatomy and how it differs between species​ and discuss the following: Clinical relevance of these differences​
Exercise intolerance​
More subtle signs- weight loss, yawning, hiding​
Appropriate diagnostics​
Stabilisation of the respiratory patient​
Common conditions​

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