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Thank you to all of you who attended the first webinar series which was a big success. I was bowled over by your kind comments, a couple of which I include below.

Hi Anthony,

That was a great webinar on Thursday and I am changing my vaccination protocol on the back of what Martha said.

I am really enjoying the webinars, I had not attended any prior to your series in May and June and they couldn’t have come at a better time for me having just opened my own practice finding time and cover to get away to cpd would be very difficult. The webinars allow me to keep up to date and fulfil my RCVS requirements from the comfort of my lounge ? it is such a brilliant idea and I look forward to attending many more!

Thank you so much

Amanda Nicholls Cat’s Whiskers Vet Clinic


I signed up for yours after you mentioned them on the SPVS list. I told my staff what I was doing and one of the vets said she was very interested in watching them too as she had just signed up for the Idexx webinars and had enjoyed them. Next thing we have a group of 3-5 who want to watch — so I set up the computer in the vets office each evening and we watched them together with food etc. It’s been gone 11pm before we’ve left the building as we’ve usually had a case chat after each one.  Bit cheeky I know as we have only paid the once for access to the webinars… sorry 🙂

I have 2 degree nurse students on placement and some webinars are relevant to them so useful way for me to get some tutorial credits… We have a young female assistant team who get on well and are increasingly creating social opportunities together — webinars just add to that. My kids are 18 and 14 so I can go to the surgery in the evenings now in a way that would not have been possible until recently. Just getting together in a low pressure environment encourages people to open up about other things that are bothering them too. Useful all round.

I did manage to get 2 vets to watch Alan’s 2pm repeat as well.

Thanks for your feedback about the skin cases.


Anna Judson, Camlas Vets

Vets and nurses have loved the content, technology and ease of watching (no travelling, etc.).

Our new series starts on 17 June and includes the following speakers:

  • June 17, 9-10pm: Diagnosing forelimb lameness? Tips and Pointers with Professor John Innes.
  • June 24, 9-10pm: Preventative Health Schemes. Why every profitable practice needs one! with Alan Robinson, sponsored by Animal Healthcare.
  • July 1, 9-10pm: See things from my point of view! Notes on vestibular disease with Pip Boydell.
  • July 8, 9-10pm: Current perspectives on atopy. What treatments to use and why with Anthony Chadwick.

If you register by June 17 you can invite a friend for free. Just email me at [email address=””] with the friend or colleague’s email address.

If you are a nurse, use the code vetnurse to get the series for only £25.

I look forward to seeing you at the next series.

Kind regards,

Anthony Chadwick

PS. Certificates available to download from by the end of the week.

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