Need Help With Quirky Rabbits?


Last week Mike Willard provided a superb webinar on biliary tract abnormalities, which received a lot of incredibly positive feedback:


“A lot of novel information. Particularly interested in the comments about min. schnauzers as have seen a lot of “acute pancreatitis” symptoms in this breed. This adds another differential.”

“Mike Willard has a wealth of experience and knowledge with a practical approach. Book him back for more lectures!”

“That was an excellent webinar, however, joined rather late, as the time difference in US, and will have to listen a few times, as it is real little masterpiece, thank you. Can we have that speaker again before he goes to his beautiful cows?”

“Absolutely love listening to Mike. A webinar on pancreatitis would also be really useful”

Well, good news! We do have a webinar on pancreatitis, by Alison Ridyard, which you can access through the link here:



This week we have a webinar on “The Approach to Common Surgical Procedures in the Rabbit” with Marie Kubiak.

Marie’s webinar will cover some of the challenges from a surgical and anaesthetic standpoint and Marie is confident that familiarity with the quirks of this species, optimising anaesthetic approach and gaining confidence with surgical techniques can make them rewarding patients!

I hope you are free tonight (10th August) at 8:30pm (BST) to join Marie Kubiak and Bruce on the live webinar.


Happy webinar watching,