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Energy and Time Management

Diederik Gelderman

We all get given the same amount …

And yet so many of us seem to run ‘short’ and stand in awe of those who seem to have so ‘much’.

Time and Energy – there are no refunds. You can’t go back and ‘claim’ if you have wasted it or not used it well.

2012 doom and gloom or opportunity knocks! Planning and goal setting for success in 2012

Anthony Chadwick

Setting attainable but ambitious goals and committing to them is a sure fire way to success in these difficult economic times. Anthony demonstrates his tried and tested techniques in this webinar

Auto-immune skin diseases in the dog and cat

Prof Stephen White

Auto-immune skin disease is a rare disease of dogs and cats. In this webinar, Professor White will discuss some of the more commoner presentations and ways in which they can be treated.

How to perform a Dermatology work up and improve your treatment success

Anthony Chadwick

In this webinar, Anthony suggests a logical path for working up your dermatology cases to improve treatment successCutaneous

Cytology of Skin Tumours

Richard Fox

Cytology is a much-neglected skill of the small animal practitioner. In this webinar, Richard Fox of Abbey Vet Services, Newton Abbott will be demonstrating to us how easy it is to incorporate cytology into the diagnostic work up.

Interpreting Lung Patterns

Professor Mike Herrtage

Mike is a RCVS diplomate in veterinary radiology and demonstrates the various lung patterns in this very visual webinar

Radiography of the abdomen

Professor Mike Herrtage

The Webinar Vet is pleased to welcome back Professor Mike Herrtage for the second part of his radiography course. This time he is concentrating on radiography of the abdomen. Many of the delegates in the first part on radiography of the chest pleaded for one on abdominal radiography so here it is

A Practitioner’s Guide to Canine Lymphoma

Douglas H. Thamm

Lymphoma is one of the most common cancers encountered in small animal veterinary practice, and can be one of the most gratifying to treat, owing to the very high response rate with chemotherapy. This hour will discuss the basics of diagnosing and staging canine lymphoma, treatment options, and new findings and controversies regarding lymphoma diagnosis and therapy. Lymphoma can be treated by the general practitioner!

Pancreatitis in cats: Challenges in diagnosis and therapy

Jane Armstrong

Jane is Professor at Minnesota vet school and has a love of cats. This webinar discusses the tricky area of feline pancreatitis

Canine Diarrhoea

Prof.Mike Willard DVM, MS, DACVIM

In this webinar Mike presents some challenging diarrhoea cases and demonstrates how he diagnoses and treats them

Hyperthyroid cats — What to do with the problem cases

Martha Cannon

Martha is a RCVS specialist in feline medicine and in this webinar discusses hyperthyroid cats that do not seem to have read the textbook!

How training your reception team will change your practice for the better

Alison Lambert

Alison is a vet and the owner of Onswitch, a company specialising in veterinary customer service training. In this webinar she poses the thorny question of whether we spend enough on training our non-veterinary staff

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