Mutt Ado About Nothing


They say every dog has his day, and that day is July 31st if the dog happens to be a mutt. Yes, National Mutt Day is a real thing, having been founded in 2005, with a second one being added on December 2nd, because sometimes one Mutt Day just isn’t enough. This day is dedicated to highlighting the welfare of homeless mutts, as they tend to be less likely to be adopted than purebred dogs. Thanks to snobbery and misconceptions, many prospective dog owners are reluctant to adopt mutts, perceiving them to be somehow inferior to purebreds. National Mutt Day (or perhaps it should be International Mutt Day) is the perfect time to dispel many of the misunderstandings people have about mutts. It’s time to break down stereotypes and gain mongrel equality. Think of it as the dog civil rights movement.

Three quarters of dogs that need homes are mutts. Three quarters. Despite this, mutts offer a lot of advantages to prospective dog owners:

  • Mutts are healthier. Their diverse genetic background means mutts are less likely to be prone to species-specific illnesses, and often have stronger immune systems.
  • Mutts are better behaved. That wide gene pool means they are generally more psychologically balanced. Many purebred dogs are so inbred that they have the mental stability of an 18th century aristocrat and his cousin-sister wife.
  • Mutts are unique. Want to be original? Mutts come in all shapes and sizes, so you can be pretty much certain that you’ll find one that will suit you. It also gives you the opportunity to use funny words like “bassetoodle”, a basset hound/poodle mix.
  • Mutts are cheaper. Breeders can charge thousands for some pedigree dogs. You can adopt a mutt and still have money left over to waste on a treadmill you’ll never use.
  • You’re discouraging unethical puppy mill breeders. Buying a purebred means you may be inadvertently supporting cruel breeding practices. Adopting a mutt means you can be confident you are being more ethical.

This National Mutt Day, why not take some time to spread the good word about mutts? Just because a dog isn’t purebred doesn’t mean it’s in any less need of a good home. If you’re not in the market for a mutty mate at the moment, you can still make a difference by donating money to animal shelters or charities that care for abandoned dogs; alternatively, you could donate some of your time and volunteer. Shelters are often understaffed and even a few hours of help could make a difference to them and the dogs in their care. With your help, the world’s mutts may finally start getting the treatment they deserve.

Happy National Mutt Day!



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  1. Lydia says:

    Good thoughts! Thanks for the log.

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