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Wow, it’s August already! Not that you can tell in the UK at the moment. The weather seems more ‘autumnal’ than ‘summery!’

Last month we had several fabulous webinars, one of which was Doug Thamm’s webinar on “Metronomic Chemotherapy: The Hype and the Science”.


This webinar was requested following one of our coffee morning webinars and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Here are the comments from the post-webinar feedback survey:


“It was really rewarding to listen to an obvious expert in his field who had a pragmatic approach to what was achievable against what was practical. I’ll try Cyclophosphamide and Piroxicam (and Frusemide) next time, but go a bit steady on both the Cyclophosphamide and especially the Piroxicam. Learnt lots.”

“Thank you for a very interesting webinar.”

“Interesting talk – an area where we need to gather more data, and a balanced approach to treatment. More in this field please”

“brilliant talk any chance of more on haemangiosarc?”


I am very pleased to report that Doug is happy to provide a webinar on haemangiosarcomas on Thursday 14th December. Happy days!

This week, another one of our speakers from across the pond, Mike Willard, is providing a webinar entitled, “Biliary Tract Abnormalities in Dogs and Cats: Not as Rare as Most Clinicians Think… Continued”.

This webinar was originally planned for the Virtual Congress from earlier this year. However, due to time constraints, Mike unfortunately couldn’t complete his presentation in time, so we have invited him back to provide the webinar this evening, Thursday, 3rd August 2017 at 8:30pm (BST). Enjoy!

Thank you very much for providing feedback in our annual survey! I am looking forward to getting my teeth into the data (see, I told you I’m a survey/statistics nerd and proud!). Many congratulations to our members who won a survey prize.


If you missed the survey, please feel free to let me know what you think about our service via email ( or via our members Facebook group.

Whilst I’m on the subject of feedback, what did you think about the new format of the members’ newsletter?

I hope you are free this evening, Thursday at 8:30pm (BST), to join Mike Willard and Anthony on the live webinar.

Happy webinar watching,


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