What do you know about Radiation Oncology?


Earlier this month, our live attendees were full of praise after Mike Nolan’s webinar on radiation oncology. If you are unsure about what is involved, the advantages and disadvantages, and/or how to select cases for treatment, this webinar is essential viewing! From the comments provided, the webinar further increased attendees’ confidence to discuss radiotherapy. Fantastic news! Here are some of the comments:



“One of the best webinars. very informative and I will feel much more comfortable discussing radiotherapy as a potential option with owners in the future rather than panicking if they mention it! Thank you”

“So….that is what Radiotherapy is then!”

“Great to have a topic I knew so little about and to now be aware of the advantages of this medium”




This week, Rachel Perry is providing a webinar on the use of antibiotics in dentistry (a decision that I sometimes agonise over!) and Rachel will discuss the use of both prophylactic and therapeutic antibiotics, and how to administer them. Furthermore, Rachel will provide an overview of the types of bacteria associated with dental plaque, and therefore which antibiotics are suitable to be used if they are required.

I’m sure this webinar will provide lots of practical information to help guide you through the decision-making process of whether to Ab or not to Ab (and which ones to use!).

Happy webinar watching!