Do you know how to discuss behavioural problems in a ten minute consult?

Our Behaviour Expertise Series 2017 will look at ways in which behavioural medicine can be integrated into general practice and examine the importance of an animal’s emotional health in relation to its physical health.

Those who take part in the Series will gain practical advice on how to deal with behaviourally challenging patients, considering the visit from the animal’s perspective and learn how to reduce negative emotional states that animals can experience while visiting the practice.

The talks will be delivered by leading veterinary specialist in behavioural medicine, Sarah Heath. Sarah, who runs her own practice in Upton, Cheshire, is an External Lecturer in small animal behavioural medicine at Liverpool University and a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist under the ASAB accreditation scheme. She is also the author, co-author and editor of several books including Behavioural Medicine for Small Animals and Feline Behavioural Health and Welfare.

With a special interest in the correlation between behaviour and physical illness in canines and felines, Sarah is a keen advocate of the recognition of emotional health issues in companion animals and the role that the veterinary profession plays in safeguarding the welfare of companion animals in this context.

The live Series – running on four separate dates until June – will cover a wide range of issues surrounding behavioural medicine in animals, beginning with a session looking at how to integrate behavioural medicine into general practice. All of the webinars will also be recorded so you can catch up at a time that suits you best.

Taking place on Tuesday, March 28, practitioners will receive advice on how to get the most out of the ten minutes they have with patient and owner. The benefit of hosting nursing clinics and information evenings in order to offer a more comprehensive and effective behavioural medicine service to their client will also be explored.

The second session, to be held on Tuesday, April 25, will examine the daily challenges faced by general practices when faced with physical health issues which are influenced by the emotional health of the animal, while the penultimate session on Tuesday, June 6, will look at how cats and dogs express their emotional motivations. During this seminar the importance of careful and accurate assessments of the emotional health of patients will also be highlighted.

The Series concludes on Tuesday, June 27, by looking at a veterinary trip from the pet’s perspective. By offering practical tips on how to deal with challenging behaviour displayed by the patient, the session will enable practitioners to reduce the potential for conflict by developing appropriate strategies that not only safeguards the safety of the owner and the veterinary team, but also ensures the welfare of the patient.

Our Behaviour Expertise Series 2017 is sponsored by Zoetis, the world’s largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock. Thanks to the kind sponsorship of Zoetis, the price of the four sessions have now been reduced by £100 to just £97 + VAT.

For more information on our Behaviour Expertise Series 2017 and a more in-depth outline of the scheduled sessions, please visit:


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