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During the first week of July, Alison Moores provided a webinar titled, “Improving Surgical Technique: Choosing the best suture type, suture pattern and knots in soft tissue surgery”. The Stethoscope has provided their thoughts on this webinar in a recent blog post:

“Alison delivered an engaging, practical and must-see webinar for any vet performing any form of surgery and personally, I’ve been so inspired that I am now surrounded by a long line of shoe laces preparing to practise my one-handed ties and Aberdeen knots – wish me luck!”

Good luck! I have also practised my hand ties with out of date suture material which was kindly donated to me from a practice during my EMS placement and more recently with string! To read The Stethoscope’s Blog, please click on the link below.




All of the live attendees of the webinar who completed the post-webinar feedback survey rated this webinar as excellent or very good. Here are a couple of comments also provided on the survey:

“Excellent webinar – did not think it will be so functional and beneficial – to us that still struggle to choose ‘perfect’ closures. Must watch many times and remember…”

“Superb presentation; clarified the different suture materials and where to use them. Thank you very much”




Tomorrow, Anthony will be chairing Doug Thamm’s webinar on:

“Metronomic Chemotherapy: The Hype and the Science”.

This webinar was requested by one of our members so I hope that you find it useful. Please let me know by emailing me or via our Member’s Facebook Group.

This webinar will be live on Thursday at 8:30 pm (BST). On Friday, I will be chairing the coffee morning webinar at 11.00am (BST) when Katie McCallum will be presenting

“The Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Cases of Leptospirosis”.

Happy webinar watching!


PS – The annual survey is still live and there are prizes still up for grabs!


If you are not a paid member, please click the survey link below:


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