How to make 2016 the best year ever!

Presenter: Carolyne Crowe BSc(Hons) BVetMed(Hons) MRCVS, Veterinary Coach and Mentor

Carolyne Crowe loved being a practising equine vet but in last week’s webinar she explained her reasons for stepping out of practice and choosing a different career path. Carolyne and her husband (also a practising vet) knew several vets who had very sadly committed suicide, and it was this tragic set of circumstances which led Carolyne to consider how members of our profession could end up feeling so unhappy and so low as to want to take their own lives.

It was this interest in the people of our profession which gave Carolyne the desire to understand how people and particularly vets can go on to lead satisfied and fulfilled lives. Carolyne gained a Diploma in Coaching, Well-Being and Stress Management, and was asked to lead last week’s webinar ‘how to make 2016 the best year!’

Carolyne provided the participating audience with access to a booklet giving a framework from which necessary steps can be taken to achieve happiness and satisfaction in your life over the next year. The first of these steps involves developing your own personal vision of where you want to be in the future. Consider what you want to be telling your grandchildren about your life when you reach the grand old age of eighty. Ask yourself is there one thing you could change to have a positive impact on your personal life and one thing you could change to have a positive impact on your work life?

Carolyne cited ‘the wheel of life’ as a useful tool for deciphering which areas of your life could be improved upon and is available within the booklet provided. ‘The wheel of life’ is split into a number of segments, each representing an area of your life which is important to you such as career, money and family. Each segment is then given a score out of ten depending on how satisfied you are with each area of your life. The end product offers a broader view of where you are struggling and which areas need to be worked on.

The second step of this process involves ‘becoming more’ and developing a greater understanding of yourself. For example you could learn about what motivates you, your strengths, your challenge areas and your fears. Carolyne goes on to discuss an online questionnaire which deciphers the type of person you are from a simple set of questions. Understanding yourself better not only helps you move forward and make decisions which are right for you but also helps to improve your relationship with others.

The final step is ‘working your plan’ by listing the steps to be taken in order to get to where you want to be. The key is to have short term and long term goals which are measurable and within a realistic time frame. The plan should be set in the present tense and dates should be placed in the diary for the variety of activities required to achieve your goals. By actually setting dates, Carolyne explained that we are three times more likely to commit to these activities. It is also important to set positive rather than negative goals. For example, if trying to lose weight rather than saying ‘I will not eat biscuits’ which from personal experience means you put biscuits at the fore front of your mind, it is much better to say ‘ I am going to have a lovely long walk’ which helps to remove the thoughts of food and helps burn calories at the same time.

This is a webinar you have to partake in if you want to get the most out of it, and if life isn’t quite what you were hoping it was going to be, it is worth remembering the words of Albert Einstein ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting things to change.’

This webinar will help you step outside of yourself and inspire you to be proactive in making the changes in your life which should make 2016 the best year ever.

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