Great Start to International Veterinary Webinar Week

Wednesday 9th January marked the beginning of International Veterinary Webinar Week. We had 2 webinars last night. Our first webinar was given by Molly Varga, a RCVS specialist in exotic pets who spoke to a group of pet owners about the role of sugar in obesity in rabbits and rodents. This webinar was kindly sponsored by Supreme Petfoods. Although, this was a pet owner webinar I must admit that I learnt some new things. Ferrets are prone to insulinoma due to high sugar diets that they are fed. Ferrets are intolerant of sugar. It was a fascinating topic especially as I have been cutting out sugar in my own diet!

As one webinar finished, we got a second one up and running with James Russell presenting our first ever cattle webinar on the downer cow. A fascinating lecture and one that made me feel quite nostalgic for my own mixed practice days! John from New Jersey, a delegate, regaled us of hydrotherapy pools for downer cows in the US but James main thrust was to look at downer cows from a herd perspective. Are they due to poor food or bad design of cubicles causing falls etc. At the end of the webinar we launched our new cattle membership

Today, we went over the 300 mark for delegates as Wendy Adams at Blue Cross signed up all her vets. We now have 25 nations who will be listening in on Saturday- a fantastic number. The Webinar Vet’s mission is to make veterinary education affordable and accessible to vets worldwide and I’m pleased that the conference has caught the imagination of vets abroad as well as many of my colleagues in the UK.

Tonight, we had Justyna Ratczak speaking about  how to prevent getting scratched in the consulting room. Justyna is a 2001 graduate from the Warsaw Vet School. She recently graduated from Southampton University with a postgraduate diploma in small animal behaviour counselling. Justyna gave a great talk with lots of tips in how to make visits to the practice a less stressful occasion for pets, owners and vets

We are getting very excited about our virtual congress on Saturday. If you have not bought your ticket yet please go to

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