Getting Veterinary Anaesthesia Right with The Webinar Vet

Many vets, especially when they are just starting out, find anaesthesia a scary topic, especially with patients that are elderly or classed high risk. At The Webinar Vet tonight we are joined by Dan Holden BVetMed DVA DipECVAA CertSAM MRCVS talking about the induction of anaesthesia and the many different options available.

Dan will go back to getting the basics, such pre-medication and timing, before looking at choosing the appropiate drugs and their safe use. The different routes of administration will be considered with the webinar including IV, IM and Volatile anaesthesia induction along with the benefits and disadvantages of each. One of the areas looked at is how to use the intra-muscular route for animals whose temperment precludes safe handling and IV access, and the special considerations to be taken into account here.

A range of different drugs will be spoken about including propofol, alfaxalone, ketamine and etomidate as well as isoflurane and sevoflurane. This webinar looks to be extremely informative for everyone that plays a role in anaesthesia!

To purchase access to the live webinar, please go to the link below: