Free webinar on flock planning for sheep courtesy of MSD Animal Health

I’m very excited to announce a webinar we are doing for vets who work with sheep and want to get better at giving advice to farmers on a flock basis.

Industry and government agencies are increasingly promoting flock health planning as an essential aspect of sheep farming. Why is health planning so important, and what does it mean for farmers and those who support them? Kate Hovers, industry-renowned sheep vet and former president of the Sheep Veterinary Society, will be explaining more about what flock health planning involves and Kate’s recommended best-practice approach.

Also during the webinar a NEW, dedicated online tool will be launched to vets which will revolutionise how vets and farmers manage flock vaccination and medicine planning more efficiently.

I don’t even see sheep anymore as part of my job and I’m excited to hear more so I do hope you will make it to the webinar on 17th February at 8pm

To your CPD success

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Interesting Image

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