February webinars

February has some very interesting webinars (7 in total) some of which you may have seen by the time you read this. I like the idea of building a practice that runs without you, by Chris Newton. A bit late for me, but not for many younger colleagues. Should be interesting.

It’s many years since I laid hands on a horse (my first three years post qualification were exclusively large animal practice.) Nevertheless I am going to listen to Emily Haggett talk about foal sepsis. She has had experience after graduating in a high quality equine practice in Hampshire, before heading off to North Carolina State veterinary college to do a residency in large animal medicine and achieving Diplomate status of the American College of large Animal Internal medicine. She has landed a job at another prestigious equine practice –Rossdales in Newmarket. I know nothing about her subject, which will make it all the more interesting.

More to my area of special interest is Stephen White’s talk on the approach to the pruritic dog. I will report in detail, in due course, on this one. Stephen is a graduate of UC Davis veterinary school in California and a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. Since 1998 he has been a full professor at Davis. He is world-renowned in this field, a superb lecturer and also a Francophile having spent two sabbaticals in France. This will be one for dermatologists and non-specialists alike with canine pruritus being so common and at times perplexing.

Ian Wright returns to talk about the parasite protection needs of UK pets and clients on the 10th of February. Very important and topical with the threats of transmission of parasites from Europe currently. He is a very good speaker!


The surgeons are catered for on the 12th with a webinar on subepidermal flexus flaps and more of interest to dermatologists and anyone keen on endocrinology are two webinars on Hyperadrenocorticism (the 19th and 26th )


I will listen to the webinar on flock health planning made easy on the 17th too. Apart from liking the sound of the presentation I look back with fondness to those days when I was treating sheep on an almost daily basis and it will be interesting to hear what Kate Hovers has to say. I just wish webinars like this and the ability to view them whenever I wanted had existed 40 years ago. How much easier it would have made life!

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