Elections, WSAVA this week and webinars too!

Well, what a shocker but well done to the BBC for predicting it after an exit poll.
It will be interesting to see how things develop over the next few days.
I am getting ahead of myself for next week because I will be busy preparing for WSAVA which will be in Bangkok. I have already been advised by one of our community, Kevan to avoid the mucky river. Please feel free to share any recommendations. I have never been to Bangkok but fortunately a friend lives out there so I am looking forward to seeing him.

On Monday we will be holding a webinar with the RCVS about complaints and how to avoid them. It’s on at 1pm but you can watch the recording too


We’ve got some super recordings on the RCVS page so do go over and have a look if anything grabs your attention. There was a very good webinar on CPD and lifelong learning a couple of weeks ago but there really are some interesting topics covered.


On Tuesday, we have a webinar on lame cows for BCVA members. Non BCVA members may attend for a fee


On Thursday, our platinum members will be enjoying a webinar on micro-pigs which are becoming increasingly popular pets


This week has been very busy. The MSD ectoparasite series finished with Andrew Curwen discussing how to make sure good things get done in practice. I really enjoyed this webinar and indeed the series which has been very popular with vets and nurses. The recordings are available to view now


Caroline Hewson also did a very good webinar about how we care for our clients at the end of their pet’s life and launched an expertise series for nurses and receptionists which will take place in late May to early June. Please have a look at this webinar and the info page about the series


I’ll keep you up-to-date with what is going on at WSAVA

To your CPD success!

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Interesting Image

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