Don’t forget the Demodex lecture at lunchtime and VC2016 sale finishes at 6pm tonight

I had an enjoyable Saturday at The Wildlife Trust’s conference in Preston. Stephen Murphy from Natural England was talking about hen harriers in England. Natural England are now satellite tagging birds to see where they go in the winter. The females move about 50 miles from their breeding grounds whereas the males have gone as far as France and Spain. These satellite trackers are so small they can be fitted to dragonflies!

Arati Iyengar spoke about DNA barcoding, a procedure developed by Paul Hebert. This system is allowing us to catalogue all of the biodiversity of the planet using PCR technology which has now been automated via machines and can be done in a few short hours. The applications for this technology are massive including environmental DNA monitoring. If water is taken from a pond, the DNA can be extracted from this to give the researcher a list of animals living in the water. If a great crested newt’s DNA is found here, this may stop developers filling in the pool.

I will be sharing something of what the future holds for the veterinary profession at Vets South in early February at Exeter along with my normal subject of dermatology with my friend and mentor, David Grant.

Our virtual congress ticket sales have been going very well. Tickets cost £247 plus VAT for 35 hours of veterinary CPD but our special launch price of £97 + VAT is available until 6pm tonight after which ticket sales will be stopped for a week and the full price will be charged on re-opening.

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I am presenting a webinar on Demodicosis at 1pm today and will also mention VC2016. This webinar is available until Wednesday at 5pm after which it will be taken down. However, purchasers of VC2016 will get long term access to this webinar.

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Our Practice Management series continues on Tuesday with Ian McKelvie discussing the role of the founder in a business. Ian is a world-renowned speaker who has worked with IBM, Xerox, Siemens and Microsoft. This will be a webinar to challenge any vet in a leadership position. If you want to improve in leading your team, come to this webinar.


On Thursday, eminent surgeon, Prue Neath, will be discussing surgical oncology with our platinum members. If you wish to attend on a pay as you go basis, click the link below.



I do hope you can make one of the webinars this week and take the plunge and purchase a Virtual Congress ticket. As you know, we have a 100% guarantee on all our CPD. If you are dissatisfied, we refund your fee!


To your CPD Success!

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