Do chickens leave you scratching in the dirt? 24 Hours till summer special ends!

There is now only 24 hours left to secure our early summer discount to the UK’s first Domestic Poultry Webinar Series. With over 8 hours of chicken CPD covering everything chicken including:

  • Basic requirements and where to buy a new chicken allowing you to guide clients from day 1
  • Rules on treating chickens, and considerations of treating a “food” animal
  • Looking after ex-battery hens – general rules and advice on keeping chickens
  • History taking and the clinical exam, safe procedure for taking samples and what to look for
  • Guide to carrying out a post mortem, recognising main parts of a bird’s anatomy and how they can be affected.
  • Crop conditions – sour crop, impacted crop – the signs, symptoms and treatment.
  • Sinusitis and other disorders of the respiratory tract
  • Egg Peritonitis and other reproductive disorders with treatment options
  • Ectoparasites, mites and lice and their treatments
  • Understanding the cause and effect of Mareks disease, mites and lice, lameness, and other health issues

In addition you will also get FREE Chicken Vet membership, the monthly newsletter, access to the chicken vet forums and exclusive telephone vet support from the Chicken Vet St Davids Poultry Team!

Lock in your discount by booking now:

The early bird discount ends at midnight on Wednesday 31st July 2013!

Lock in your discount by booking now:

To Your CPD Success!


The Webinar Vet

P.S. We’ve also got the recording from our free chicken webinar available here as well at