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Last January we ran our Mindfulness Symposium as part of the Virtual Congress. It was sponsored by The Royal College and we were all blown away by the turnout of over 500 vets and nurses, on a Friday night between 7-9pm.

Off the back of that we decided to launch an online Mindfulness Series using Dr Mike Scanlan who had contributed to the Symposium. Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz word at the moment. I was chatting to a mate in the pub last Friday and he was telling me he meditates first thing in the morning. If he doesn’t, his day does not go as well. We live in a stressful world but some simple strategies can help.

If you don’t really know what mindfulness is, I interviewed Mike this week. Watch the interview below.

We have single tickets but also ones for practice teams. These can also be useful for companies as we all have a corporate social responsibility to look after our team.

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We’ve already got over 200 registrants but would love to see you sign up. One or two strategies you learn during the course may make a big difference to you, and thanks to the kind sponsorship of The Royal College as part of their Mind Matters Initiative, tickets only cost £40 + VAT for the 8 week course, or £200 + VAT for a 10 person practice ticket. These tickets can be distributed throughout the practice team. This is not a vet-only event, it is open to anyone that may consider it beneficial.

We love providing clinical CPD and there is a lot available on our site, but we also want to play our part in making our profession more healthy for colleagues. We think this will help.

Give it a try and if you are seriously unimpressed we will refund you your ticket price with no strings attached, but give it a go. It could help you in stressful conditions.

And you can count it as CPD if you wish.

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