Our Diamond Membership is like a tasting menu but even better because although you know the dishes (webinars!) will be fabulous, you can also see which webinars are coming up! Just like a tasting menu, we aim to showcase our talented and knowledgeable speakers on a range of topics, therefore you will have access to ALL of the webinars on our website including all of the Expertise Series, the annual Virtual Congress, Farm and Equine webinars, and the quarterly Diamond webinar in addition to the Thursday evening and coffee morning webinars.
All of our webinars are recorded so if you can’t join our chairperson, co-host and super knowledgeable speaker for the live webinar, the recorded webinars are uploaded to our website within 48 hours of the live webinar broadcast.
*Coffee Mornings – 30 minutes of CPD presented by the staff at Cambridge Vet School, hosted the last Friday of every month at 11am
Please send an email to office@thewebinarvet.com if you require a ticket for Vets North or South.
Please note all membership tiers are based upon recurring charges & exclusive of VAT.