The Dental Antibiotic Conundrum!


I’m back in the office this week after attending the VetEd Symposium which was hosted by the University of Liverpool. It is one of my favourite conferences, probably because I enjoy being surrounded by lots of like-minded people who are passionate about veterinary education! My passion for veterinary education is also the reason why I love reading your feedback in our post-webinar surveys. From your feedback on Rachel Perry’s webinar, Rachel succeeded with helping you to solve the dental antibiotic conundrum!



“superb – taught me a lot of new information”

“Just so pleased to see how far Webinar Vet has come since its beginnings. It has been my number one stop for CPD for many years now”

“brilliant any chance on one on gingivostomatitis in cats”



If you’d like to refresh your knowledge in this area (also very useful in terms of responsible use of antimicrobials in veterinary practice) you can watch the webinar recording.




Speaking of the use of antimicrobials in veterinary practice, Anthony will be chairing John Chitty’s webinar on, “Antibacterials in Exotics…Is there a choice?” tomorrow. I hope you can join John and Anthony tonight (13/06) at 8:30pm (BST).

This talk will cover diagnosis of bacterial infections, rational sampling, and use of anti-microbials in exotic species.

Your learning objectives will be:

  1. Understand how to use Cascade in exotics
  2. Recognise and diagnose bacterial infections
  3. Recognise non-bacterial disease
  4. Understand the role of underlying factors
  5. Understand selection of appropriate antibiotics and their correct dosing and usage

Happy Webinar Watching!


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