Day out of the office at Fast Forward Your Business 2013

AC picAfter attending Roger Hamilton’s Fast Forward Your Business event last year, Anthony and I were very much looking forward to going again this year and it didn’t disappoint. Fast Forward Your Business is a great event which really gets you thinking about the future and how businesses are evolving. If someone had said to you 10 years ago that you’d be using an app called sat nav on your phone to direct you to where you needed to go, you wouldn’t even know what an app was never mind believing your phone could direct you somewhere! It was very exciting to hear how Roger thinks the world will develop over the coming years.Roger is an entrepreneur who created the Wealth Dynamics test. This test is an online test which tells you what path and strategies you should follow to find your wealth. Anthony is very much a star/creator profile (good at building innovative products/services such as The Webinar Vet) whereas I’m more of a supporter/Lord (best at building high performing teams and controlling finances). Combined with Wendy’s profile, the three of our profiles bit perfectly and together we are in ‘flow’ which is when you perform best.

Roger, who is one of Anthony’s mentors, is good friends with entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and had lots of inspiring stories to share with us from a toilet roll company called ‘who gives a crap’ who raised the $50,000 they needed to survive in just a few days by filming a video from their bathroom, to a man who was designing crosswords for a newspaper who has now published his first book and made £100,000 in the last year. It all depends on what your future vision and perspective is and if you’re prepared to remove friction to be flexible and change it. By asking different questions you could get very different results – your future is not necessarily where you think it is.

Many people think wealth is based on the amount of money you have. Roger put this into a different perspective for us. He said ‘Wealth is not how much money you have. It’s what you’re left with if the money all disappeared.’ I think now if a company has a good reputation and good contacts, people are more likely to want to purchase from them or work with them than with someone else who is not as trustworthy or reliable.

Along with many stories from entrepreneurs such as Dan Bradbury, Daniel Priestley, Lucie Bradbury and Nick James, Roger discussed the waves of change that are upon us. Thanks to the huge growth of internet and other rapid developments throughout the world, the way we can now do business is dramatically changing.  You only have to look at the growth of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube over the last few years to see how quickly times are changing. This causes the waves we are riding to constantly change which mean your actions much continue to change in order for you and your business to survive.

It was a great day which Anthony and I took lots of inspiration and ideas from and we’ll definitely be going back next year! Roger is presenting a Practice Management webinar with us later on in the year – more details will follow soon!