Communication with your clients with images and animations: the key to develop compliance

Presenter: Philippe Moreau DVM, MS, DECVN, DECVIM

Communication within practice is absolutely key to a successful business and any tool which helps achieve greater communication has to be of benefit. Philippe Moreau DVM, MS, DECVN, DECVIM from demonstrated one of these tools in last week’s webinar which discussed the use of images and animations as an aid to communication. He also helped demonstrate the versatility of The Webinar Vet by leading this webinar from a hotel room in France, a surprising venue, but with most of us enjoying this webinar from the comfort of our own home, The Webinar Vet’s format proves itself to be a convenience for all.‏

Many of you considering watching this webinar may be asking what is so new about the use of images to explain a concept to clients, surely we do it all the time by using diagrams and skeletal models. However, Philippe explained using these types of tools are undoubtedly useful but in this internet age of YouTube perhaps they are not quite as compelling for the client. Studies have shown that in order to best understand a concept, the use of both audio and visual stimulus simultaneously is far superior to using either images or audio alone. This is where Philippe’s product VisioCare+ comes into its own, offering a visual and audio source for use in the waiting room, on the practice website, from home and within the consulting room.

VisioCare+ is software which can be used on a tablet or a PC and can easily be streamed to a monitor on the wall of a consult room. The aim of the VisioCare+ consult product is to offer visual aids for the vet to use within the consult room. There is no text or sound within the consulting room product as the aim is to get the vet to explain in his/her own words the concept of, for example, cruciate disease using 3D and mobile images of the stifle joint. There is a vast expanse of subject areas to choose from including dental images which can be particularly useful when trying to explain the consequences of periodontal disease observed in patients on general examination. In fact VisioCare+ has proven to be a powerful tool in persuading clients to agree to dental procedures with a study showing an increase of 57% in revenue from dentals at practices using VisioCare+ compared to practices not using this particular product.

There is also an invaluable addition to this software which allows the vet in the consult room to send emails to their client at the time of a discussion with a link to all relevant information which they can then access online for a 10 day period. As 87% of all significant financial and health decisions are made at home with loved ones, this can be a very powerful tool for owners to use in deciding upon future treatments such as surgery for their pet.

This VisioCare+ software can also be used within reception and on a practice website, which can be fully personalised as appropriate and offers a number of animations (often related to famous films), which offer information on general animal health care issues and how to perform simple procedures including giving medication and ear cleaning. To find out more about the importance of communication and how practices are moving forward with VisioCare+, this webinar has all the information you need. Philippe has also offered generous product discounts for The Webinar Vet members which are available till the end of the month for those inspired enough to leap into the future.

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