Coaching Confidence, Motivation and Well Being Webinar Series

“If you always do, what you always did, you will always get, what you always got”

If you feel like life is in control of you instead of you being in control of life than this webinar series is definitely for you. As vets life tends to get busy, we are so busy just getting by that sometimes it is difficult to slow down and think about just what we want from life – and more importantly if we are actually getting it!

Sometimes I look at others and wonder just how they manage to find time to do everything that they do, attend conferences, write books, see patients, deliver CPD and still have time for a social life. This is because they have taken control of their life instead of it letting it run them. The good news here however is that it this is a skill it is possible to learn. Through the four online webinars (which are recorded so you can watch them again later!) you will be taken through the different areas which affect how we manage the world around us.

The first webinar looks at the nature of intelligence, and how it can be used to navigate and manoeuvre through a surprising and unpredictable world whilst still achieving our goals. And no; it is not like a physiology lecture back in vet school as though cognitive intelligence is looked at briefly, it goes deeper into emotional and cultural intelligence and the links this has with motivation.

This takes us onto the next webinar a week later which looks at motivation and confidence, and how our confidence in being able to achieve something affects our motivation in working towards that outcome. Not only does this webinar help you understand how to remain motivated in the face of the challenge, it also looks at how you can in turn motivate those around you.

Of course being a vet is stressful, and we now look at how we can manage, cope with and adapt to the most stressful of situations by channel this stress to our advantage. This webinar will work with the knowledge from the intelligence and confidence webinars to understanding what causes you stress, and how to make choices to deal with it that work for you. Taking the time to stop and consider just what you can and cannot change here puts you back in control of the situation.

Finally the last webinar of the series will tie everything together to ensure that you can use your confidence and motivation to take your career to the next level. Many people get stuck in a rut where they are not happy, yet do not know what will make them happy and so this webinar looks at creating a vision for yourself and your goals. You will learn how to identify what is important to you in your life, and your career as a veterinary surgeon.

As a vet you constantly have to make decisions that have consequences, now that decision is whether you want to take back direction in your life!

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