Back to the future – a bit of fun looking back and forward

It’s my wedding anniversary today. How my wife puts up with me I don’t know? It’s a very significant day for me but it’s been over shadowed this year from realising that this is the day that Doc Brown and Marty McFly programmed the time-travelling, flying DeLorean to go to back in 1989.

It was 26 years ago that the film tried to predict what the future would look like. For a $40 million budget they got a lot of stuff right and some stuff wrong and, of course, they failed to mention some amazing things that are now commonplace.

I thought I’d share with you what they predicted and got right:

1. Brain controlled video games
2. 3D movies
3. Handheld computers
4. Videoconferencing – very important!
5. Augmented reality – check out Oculus Rift
6. Finger scanners
7. Widescreen TVs with lots of channels
8. Self-tying shoes – almost – Nike will have these in the shops by Christmas

However, we still don’t have flying cars, although, companies like Terrafugia and Aeromobil are hard at work.
Hoverboards, possibly the coolest thing in the movie…

And, of course, a time machine… Unless you know different!

There are, of course, a lot of things the movie didn’t predict like 3D printing which I’m personally very excited about. I find our smartphones stunning – cameras, GPS, text, internet (begun by Tim Werners Lee in 1990)

What do the next 15 years hold? That’s part of the mission of VetFutures, a joint drive by RCVS and BVA to ready the profession for the future. I am at Vets South in February in Exeter talking about what the future holds by my best guess. It may not be as accurate as Marty’s but come and see me if you’re local anyway, and we can discuss it in the bar afterwards – one of the advantages of physical conferences!

I’m off to get my jabs done before my trip to see Roger Hamilton in Bali and discuss future trends with him. If you’ve got a spare 40 minutes, watch his webinar he did with us – very, very good

Anyway must fly!