Are you frustrated by stubborn cases of otitis externa?- register for this free webinar.

I was in Leeds yesterday doing my Dermatology Clinic at Abbey House Veterinary Hospital. Almost without fail I see cases of otitis externa and yesterday was no different. It’s so important to have a logical approach and a good microscope to work these cases up properly.

Jonny Lambert who is one of the technical vets at Elanco but with a good solid experience in general practice, will be taking us through this logical approach on a webinar on Monday at 1pm. It’s one of our Lunch and Learns so get yourself comfortable in the staff room with a couple of colleagues, and some delicious sandwiches and a nice warm cup of tea or coffee and learn more about otitis.

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Elanco have a novel new otitis product called Osurnia which I have been hearing about at various dermatology meetings I attend and I’m fascinated to hear more about this product too. I believe it is already selling well to vets.

Have you used it yet?  Please  put up any comments below

Don’t worry if you can’t attend. We will send you the link for the recording.


To your CPD success!

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