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What a gorgeous weekend we’ve had in Liverpool. The weather was great and the birds have been very busy in the garden. Everything seems to be buzzing with life.

Of course, this sort of weather increases the flea and tick population too! This is particularly relevant this year with the emergence of Canine Babesiosis in the South of England. Simon Tappin from Dick White Referrals is going to be talking about tick-borne disease on Tuesday at yet another of our lunch and learn webinars. This is free to attend thanks to the kind sponsorship of Merial, the makers of Nexgard Spectra.




On Tuesday evening we are on week four of our Mindfulness Series. If you have not signed up yet, we are closing the page on Friday. This course can be classed as CPD and is ideal for all veterinary team members. We’ve even produced a 10 person practice ticket for just £200 + VAT.



If you’ve already bought the series, don’t forget to watch the recordings or use them to practice your meditations. This course has been amazingly popular and is obviously, meeting a need for people.

Finally, we are coming towards the end of our other Expertise Series.


Jane Armstrong is one of my LinkedIn pals – a lovely Canadian vet who I met through LinkedIn when she was Professor at the University of Minnesota. She is also one of the world’s top authorities on gastrointestinal disease and a great friend of The Webinar Vet. You may have heard her speak before at our Virtual Congress or on one of our Platinum Member webinars.

I asked her about 12 months ago if she would be interested in putting together a GI expertise series for us and she was very keen. It has taken some time to get the experts together and we had an aborted start in the autumn when Marge Chandler gave us an update on raw food diets. It was controversial, and we even had some raw food fundamentalists on the webinar, but I enjoyed debating in my student days and still enjoy it today. It’s cerainly worth watching if you missed it.

If you are interested in GI conditions, I’d love you to seriously consider signing up for our Expertise Series which recommenced in March. We were incredibly fortunate to have David Williams, a British vet in America, who has become famous for his work on pancreatitis. He developed the PLI and TLI tests. He’s not the ophthalmologist David Williams in case you are getting confused. Julie Churchill presented on making sense of geriatric diets in April and Joerg Steiner will be speaking on 23rd May on laboratory testing for gastrointestinal disease.


If you sign up before Friday at 5pm, I will also let you have the 3 hour masterclass on diarrhoea that Mike Willard gave at our recent Virtual Congress which was just brilliant.

Mike is one of my favourite lecturers in the whole world. He has fantastic knowledge and delivers it in such an engaging way in his soft Texan drawl. It’s probably worth £77 on its own.

I was asked by the community to set up expertise series to help vets become more of an expert in a particular area and I’ve produced what the community asked for. I’m so excited to have put this series together.

I’d love to see you next Monday. Will you come?

Only £77 + VAT for 7 hours of high quality GI focussed veterinary CPD. You’ll get certificates for the webinars you attended, but more importantly you’ll be a better vet at the end of it, and it won’t have involved travel and time away from loved ones.

Finally if you don’t love what you’ve seen I’m happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

To your CPD success!

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