Another free hour of veterinary CPD from The Webinar Vet! This time it’s feline respiratory disease

We’ve just finished our 2 day mini-series on veterinary dentistry with Rachel Perry which was free to attend thanks to the kind sponsorship of Pedigree and today I wanted to announce another free webinar! This time it’s on feline respiratory disease and is entitled

Feline viral respiratory diseases: “something old, something new”

It is a lunch and learn webinar (supper and study if you are in Australia; breakfast and brainstorm if you are on the East Coast of America)

It will take place on 30th June at 1pm BST.

I would recommend you call a staff meeting and get all the vets and nurses in your team to watch it as we have two fantastic speakers from Liverpool University, Alan Radford and Maria Afonso.

Respiratory infections are an important cause of disease in feline patients. This webinar will approach diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the most common viral causes of respiratory disease in cats – namely feline calicivirus (FCV) and herpesvirus (FeHV-1). Influenza viruses will be also briefly mentioned. These are being increasingly reported in cats. Finally, the results of a study regarding the prevalence of FCV and FeHV-1 in Europe will be mentioned

Feline calici virus and herpes virus are still significant threats in feline medicine and both speakers are very interested in the new developments in this area.  I was at Liverpool with Alan and I know he is an excellent speaker whilst Maria is a young rising star in the feline viral world.

This is a webinar that you should try your best to attend.

Interesting Image
Picture of a cytopathic effect typical of an FCV infection
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See you on the 30th!

To your CPD success

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