Another exciting week at the webinar vet and the start of our chicken expertise series


After all the excitement of the launch week for the second International Webinar Vet Virtual Congress, I wanted to just let you know what is happening this week at The Webinar Vet.

We are as busy as ever bringing you high quality veterinary CPD into the comfort of your own home without the need to travel.

I am particularly excited to let you know about the first webinar scheduled for Wednesday at 8.30pm of our Backyard Poultry expertise series brought to you by The Chicken Vet.

We are beginning on Wednesday by looking at husbandry which is so important to maintain good health within the small backyard flocks. Alison Colville Hyde and Richard Jackson will be presenting on this webinar.

We launched this series at the start of the summer and I am conscious some of you may have missed it so please do check out the video and the page

This page also includes a webinar given by Richard earlier in the summer when he went over what the series would entail as well as launching into a very interesting interactive discussion on antibiotic usage. The webinar lasts about 40 minutes.

Just check out the page for more details on the course

I’m just returned from Valencia after the ESVD congress. Professor Ian Ramsey was presenting on endocrine skin diseases there but we luckily will not need to travel to Valencia as he will be on our webinar on Thursday night discussing canine renal disease

This is a Platinum members’ webinar which you can pay for by registering here

For those of you with SQPs in your practice, we are also holding a free webinar for SQPs with AMTRA points to start their CPD year off well.

This will be held on Wednesday as well at 7pm.

Please let them know. They can register at the following link

Hope you have a great week

To your CPD success