A varied week at The Webinar Vet

Today we are holding a webinar in partnership with MSD Animal Health concerning ovarian imbalances in the mare. Jonathan Pycock is an expert in equine reproduction and this should be an interesting webinar for any horse vets.

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On Tuesday, we are holding our second virtual question time with the RCVS. This was a great success when we ran it last year. It gives you the chance to quiz the Royal College officers without the need to travel down to London.

Please fill in the form , by clicking the RCVS logo below and enter your question and I will pick a selection of questions to quiz the officers

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On Thursday, we are holding our second social vet symposium with Beyond Indigo Pet. Our first symposium was a great success and one of my goals for 2014 is to get even better using social media in my business. The second symposium will be all about Facebook. It is not too late to become an expert in Facebook and I’m sure that improving your social media presence will increase your veterinary practice’s profile in your local area.

There will be 2 further social media symposium in May and June

Check out the page for further details


All 3 symposium only cost £197 plus VAT. If you are not happy with this series, we will be happy to give you a 100% money back guarantee as well as an hour with our social media expert, to get you up to speed.

This webinar takes place between 2-5pm on Maundy Thursday. Send a nurse or a practice manager but don’t miss it.

Thursday evening, Jacques Sottiaux will be talking about feline cardiomyopathy to our platinum members.

You can pay as you go or why not join our fantastic platinum membership


Hope to see you at some of our online events this week


To Your CPD Success


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