Virtual Congress

I was so excited to put on the first ever virtual veterinary congress in the UK. It swiftly became an international affair with vets listening in from 27 different nations. Our silver membership now has vets from 62 countries.

This is answering my “why”. Why did I set upThe Webinar Vet? This has developed into my mission to make veterinary education accessible and affordable to vets worldwide.

What is your why? Michael Warren recently spoke about this at our 2013 Practice Management Series ” Outside the Box”. Too many people concentrate on the What and the How but the why must come first.

The Virtual Congress recordings are still available at 18 hours of fantastic CPD delivered to your home computer so you don’t need to travel and can spend more time with your family and friends doing what you want to do.

We had world renowned speakers from all over the world and I think you will really get a lot out of the recordings. If you’re not 100% happy let us know and we will refund- no questions asked

To your CPD success


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