A recent survey we did showed that our Net Promoter Score within the Veterinary Profession is as high as Apple’s is within the general population. This means that vets who answered the survey said they were very likely to recommend us to friends. We also were noted as having the best customer service amongst companies providing veterinary CPD.

However, I feel I let you down at London Vet Show. We had been shunted upstairs by the organisers due to a problem they had with our original position. Signage is often a problem at London Vet Show and so it proved this year. It really can be rather disorientating navigating the exhibition! Some of our community did find the stand but commented that they took half an hour to do so. Time is precious at London Vet Show and I’m sorry if you just never managed to find us. It does show some of the community’s tenacity that they managed it.  We were also offering a Virtual Congress ticket, with 35 hours CPD at the beginning of January. These tickets are worth £247 but we were offering a £100 discount until Tuesday evening and a little bit more if you are a BVA member.

I know you might not have been at London Vet Show but I also don’t know if you were. Let me know what you thought about it by commenting below.

Tickets are still available for the Virtual Congress until 5pm tomorrow night for £147 + VAT or £123.50 if you are a BVA member.


Tuesday is also our Lunch and Learn with The Royal College. I’m off doing dermatology so will, unfortunately, miss it but Jacqui Molyneux and Anthony Roberts will be giving you an update on the new Practice Standards Scheme which was launched at London Vet Show. I got told off by ex-president of RCVS for promoting our webinar but I just wanted to make sure everybody can get up to date with the changes! The new scheme looks excellent and I think this webinar is one for all the team. New awards have been launched along the style of an Ofsted framework.

Learn more by clicking on the link and watch the recording if you are too busy at lunchtime.

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To your CPD success!

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