Laser Therapy in Equine Vet Practice – Fact and Fiction overview for clinicians

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Presented by Stephen Barabas

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There has been a huge increase in awareness and usage of laser therapy in veterinary practice in the UK. This webinar will give the existing laser therapy user a refresher course or the first-time naïve person the opportunity to understand the fundamentals behind using therapeutic lasers in equine veterinary practice. It will help them get more from their existing equipment or for the person looking to purchase ask the correct questions to ensure their machine is fit for purpose. It will cover core laser science and the clinical publications, plus the potential range of clinical applications and return-on-investment when implemented properly in practice.

5 Learning Points:

  • Core Science behind Laser Therapy in Equine Patients
  • Clinical Publications to Support use in Veterinary Medicine
  • Range of Clinical Applications in Equine Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Differences between Laser Therapy Technologies – Why, Where, How?
  • Marketing and Return on Investment

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Stephen Barabas is a graduate of Glasgow University veterinary medicine and zoology faculties. He runs two companies: VBS Direct, providing innovative equipment services to vet surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists, including K-Laser, VPET regenerative medical PRP products, digital surgical technologies and high-grade pet supplements; and a human medical company, K-Laser UK Ltd, that works directly with the NHS, sports franchises and private healthcare using Class IV K-Laser therapy (treating diabetic wounds, acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain syndromes). He is an Honorary Laser Consultant at St Thomas and Guy’s Hospital in London. Previously, he has worked in small and mixed veterinary practice, and as a government vet in Cumbria during the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak. He was a technical director for pet supplement company, and Schering-Plough, both within the UK, USA and Internationally. He was past President of Central Vet Society and London Regional Representative on the British Vet Association for 6 years.