Today, 12th August, is World Elephant Day. Founded on this day in 2012 by Canadian Patricia Sims and the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation of Thailand, World Elephant Day is dedicated to drawing awareness toward the ongoing threats facing these majestic animals. Whether it’s poaching, habitat destruction, or people encroaching into their territory, the danger to elephants worldwide has never been graver.

World Elephant Day aims to bring together people from all over the world to form a global voice of citizens, policy-makers, politicians, and governments in support of conservation solutions that will make the world a safe place for elephants, wildlife, and habitat for future generations to cherish.

Feline CKD – what’s new in diagnosis and treatment?

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Easing the Compliance of Medicating Cats

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With the recent government announcement that all equines must be microchipped by October 2020, Pet-ID Microchips has seen a flurry of activity from equine vets as they gear up for the changes.

Since 2009 it has been a legal requirement for equines to be microchipped in order to obtain a horse passport, but it wasn’t retrospective and there are still many unchipped equines. Under the new legislation, owners could face sanctions from their local authority, including a compliance notice and a fine of up to £200.

Pet-ID offers a range of microchip formats to suit implanter preference and a selection of scanners for use in the equine market, from models with replaceable batteries, handy for vets who are out and about, to USB-rechargeable scanners.

Pet-ID’s high specification microchips are specifically identified by ICAR manufacturer code 958, conform to ISO standard 11784/11785 and carry a lifetime guarantee. Pet-ID microchips are encased in non-permeable, bio-compatible glass and coated with anti-migratory Parylene-C.

All our needles are precision engineered to ensure strength and sharpness, offering effortless implantation. Our bespoke 12mm needle assemblies have the smallest gauge cannula on the market.

Our Chipworks database helps provide our customers with a one-stop shop for microchipping, registration and reunification and is an associate member of EuroPetNet, beneficial for equines travelling abroad.

We are also lobbying Defra to ensure that the new Central Equine Database integrates with UK microchip registration databases rather than being a stand-alone resource.

For more information and offers, please contact us at or 01273 837676 and say you saw us on Webinar Vet!

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