So it begins…

Virtual Congress is just one day away! With three days of CPD to enjoy, you’ll be spoilt for choice, so we thought we’d give you a quick overview of what to expect. On the first day, Friday (being tomorrow), we’re opening with our BVA cavalcade. Commencing at 10 a.m. (GMT) with a talk on food safety by Delia Grace, we’ll move on to look at rabies with Radford Davis and conservation with Iain Richards. Learn about the One Health initiative, and understand how a vet’s role can reach far beyond the practice.


At 2 p.m. you can settle down for the cat cancer compendium with Doug Thamm and Sue Murphy, where we’ll be delving into feline lymphoma, head and neck cancer, and how to manage the side effects of treatment.

From 7 p.m. the RCVS takes over with its famous Mind Matters Initiative. With presentations on how to maintain a positive mindset, position your thoughts more positively, and ultimately find a way towards living life the way you want.


Make sure to tune in, chill out, and enjoy the opening day of Virtual Congress 2019. Stay tuned for our overview of what’s coming up next!

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