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Virtual Congress is the world’s largest online veterinary congress. Our seventh annual congress took place in January this year, and featured a wealth of content over a three day stretch.

With over 6000 people registered across 97 countries, this was a truly international event. Once again, our One4One initiative guaranteed that for every ticket we sold, another would be donated to a vet from an underprivileged country. This meant that we were joined by vets all over the world, from all walks of life, from every kind of background, brought together by a shared compassion for animals and a desire to further animal welfare around the world. Through this method, we are confident that we continue to spread education and knowledge to people who otherwise would not be able to access it.

For a short time only, members of the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association are able to sign up for free for the Associations Day, which took place on Friday 18th January and gives you eight hours of amazing webinars.

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Register today to watch both our BVA and RCVS Mind Matters opening sessions.

We had a lot of positive feedback from our RCVS Mind Matters session. Now a staple of Virtual Congress, the Mind Matters Initiative is designed by the RCVS to help tackle the rising levels of stress in the veterinary profession. Problems relating to stress, which leads to anxiety and depression if not dealt with, have been an issue in the profession for many years now, and we have committed ourselves to combating it through techniques of mindfulness and positive psychology. We are glad that so many people are responding positively to this initiative:

Thank you for including wellbeing topics – think many of us can really benefit from thinking more about our wellbeing, rather than struggling on!

The BVA Associations Day brings you a fantastic selection of topics:

One Health

  • Food safety in the domestic markets of developing countries
  • Rabies: A globally persistent One Health problem
  • Why conservation medicine should matter to the general practitioner and to Government.

Presented by Delia GraceRadford Davis and Iain Richards.


  • Feline lymphoma: a review and updates
  • A cat is not a small dog: treatment options in cats with cancer and managing side effects
  • Head and Neck Cancers in Cats: approaches and multi-modal therapies

With Douglas Thamm and Sue Murphy

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