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“The role of trace materials in cattle health and performance - a new veterinary approach to boost trace mineral availability"

20th November 2019, 8pm

This webinar reviews the importance of trace minerals for cattle health and performance, requirement levels and how they can vary, current sources of trace minerals and the implications of these for bioavailability. The webinar concludes by introducing a new veterinary approach to boost trace mineral availability and how this can help improve the performance of cattle.

"Genito-urinary Disease in Guinea Pigs"

26th November 2019, 8pm

This webinar will cover the common genito-urinary diseases in guinea pigs, including ovarian cysts; idiopathic cystitis; and urinary calculi. It will cover diagnosis, treatment and control, especially focusing on husbandry measures. Indications for surgery will also be included.

Recently Added

"The RVN's Role in Transfusion Medicine"

This webinar covers back to basics of transfusion medicine in canine and feline patients. The RVN’s role in blood transfusions is discussed; from collection and storage to preparation, administration and the monitoring process. 

"Infectious Diseases of Rabbits"

This webinar covers the common infectious diseases of rabbits – viral, parasitic, bacterial and fungal. As well as diagnosis and therapy, it looks at prophylaxis including vaccination but mainly looks at how biosecurity and good husbandry contribute to disease control.

"Alternatives to surgical castration"

Discussion around castration and the alternatives to surgical castration available to pet owners. In today’s world 1/3 of pet owners would look at alternative methods to surgical castration. Is surgery therefore always the best choice?

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