Burgess pet care is a pet food manufacturer with an impressive legacy. Expanded from a family business founded back in 1649, Burgess has produced high quality foods for people and animals for generations. With a team of animal nutritionist and food technology experts overseeing production, Burgess is continually developing exciting new products that give our pets tasty and nutritious food.

Beyond that, Burgess takes a proactive approach to animal welfare by working with the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Leeds, as well as animal charities, to develop nutritional knowledge and scientific understanding across the UK. You can also become a member of Burgess’ Pet Club and Breeders Club, which provide advice, support, and opportunities for owners and breeders to ensure that pets everywhere get the best possible care.

Burgess will be sponsoring the Small Furries stream during Virtual Congress 2019. Vet life isn’t all dogs and cats, which is why John Chitty and Livia Benato bring you a duo of fantastic webinars on small furry animals. In John’s webinar, you’ll get some insight into the different and unusual small animals that you may come into contact with, such as skunks, sugar gliders and prairie dogs, to name just a few. You’ll get a good understanding of the diet and husbandry of these animals, as well as an overview of common diseases in these species. Following this, Livia will give you a more in depth guide to a practical approach towards guinea pigs, ferrets, and rats, providing an overview of how to handle them, diagnose ailments and carry out surgical treatment. Here’s the full overview:


Unusual small mammals

By John Chitty

This presentation will cover some of the more unusual small mammal species seen in practice. The species range is growing and with changes in the Dangerous Wild Animal Act a few years ago is changing ever-faster. The main emphasis of the presentation will be on some of the more common diseases, but a basic guide to natural history, husbandry and diet will also be covered as these can have a profound effect on the incidence of disease. The species covered will include skunks, pygmy hedgehogs, sugar gliders, degus and prairie dogs

Learning objectives

to understand the range of small mammals being kept

to understand some aspects of the diet and husbandry of these species

to understand the social groupings of these species

to learn some of the more common diseases seen in these species

to understand some of the special considerations regarding anaesthesia and surgery of these species


Small Mammal Medicine

By Livia Benato

These days, small mammals such as guinea pigs, rats and ferrets are not commonly seen at the veterinary clinic if compared to rabbits. However, it is less rare to find ourselves having to treat them, and giving owners advice on different conditions.

This webinar will provide information on a practical approach to common presentations of guinea pigs, rats, and ferrets. It will give an overview of how to handle, hospitalise and stabiles them if necessary, and on the best diagnostic tests available in order to make a diagnosis. It will also discuss the best medical and surgical treatment. Analgesia and supportive treatment, including nutritional support, will be considered.

Learning Objectives:

To handle with confidence guinea pigs, rats and ferrets during physical examination and short medical procedures.

To recognise the clinical signs of common presentations.

To determine the best diagnostic tests in order to reach a diagnosis

To recognise signs of pain and provide the best analgesic protocol

To determine the best medical and/or surgical treatment.


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