About The Webinar Vet

The Webinar Vet was set up in 2010 by Anthony Chadwick (BVSC CertVD MRCVS), with the express wish of making veterinary education easier, more accessible and affordable for vets like you who have very busy lives.

As a small animal vet for over 20 years, Anthony experienced first-hand the problems of travelling around to CPD meetings after a hard day's work. He knew there had to be a better and more efficient way to deliver CPD that would save vets time and money - The Webinar Vet was born.

The Webinar Vet is here to help you complete your CPD at a time that fits around your busy schedule and commitments. We know that you value your time, and we want you to feel at ease throughout your CPD journey. It's our mission to help guide vets to be confident in their practice, and feel completely self-assured.

With The Webinar Vet, there’s no need to travel to get CPD. You can watch high quality webinars in the comfort of your own home, but still in a professional live lecture format. In fact, all of our veterinary webinars are recorded so you can always come back later if the time wasn’t convenient for you, or if you just want to go over something from the lecture again.

We truly believe that this is the best, least stressful way of doing vet CPD.

Our vision and values are the guiding force behind The Webinar Vet. We consider ourselves to be a community, more so than a company, and we are enthusiastic about helping veterinary professionals around the world.

As such, we have decided on these three goals:

Our team has grown continuously over the past few years, which has enabled us to diversify, explore new areas, and reach more people. In a survey conducted with our membership in June 2018, we received confirmation that we are succeeding in making our vision a reality. Here are just a few of the positive comments from our members:

Of course, vision is about looking forward, and we continue to pursue loftier ambitions. Our next stage is further expansion across the globe; we are already the largest online veterinary community in Europe, but our reach is extending further, across the Americas, Asia and beyond – if a veterinary practice ever opens in Antarctica, we intend to be there!

We all value the sense of community, and of feeling like a part of a greater good. We know that veterinary professionals are particularly passionate about their work, which is why we feel it is particularly important to approach what we do with consideration and compassion, and treat our members as friends and equals, rather than revenue sources.

We have often been told that the quality of our content surpasses all competitors, and that in the field of online veterinary education we have no equal. We dream of a future where vets and nurses around the world are more knowledgeable, skilled, and confident thanks to our work. By joining us, you are joining the new movement of vets across the world, to ensure a future of improved animal welfare and enhanced enjoyment in your work.



When I started The Webinar Vet in 2010, nobody had heard of webinars in the veterinary profession. I set it up because I wanted to make veterinary education more accessible and affordable to vets worldwide. With less stress too! At the end of a busy day in the practice, the very last thing I wanted to do was jump in the car and travel an hour to a hotel for some veterinary CPD.

Amazingly, none of the traditional veterinary CPD companies had thought of this and for 12 months I was all alone in the online space. The company grew very quickly amongst vets and nurses because my pain was felt by them too.

The company has continued to grow quickly because I think the community senses that, as a vet, I want to help my fellow colleagues develop themselves and become better vets or nurses.

There have been many highlights in the last nine years like winning the Regional Business Awards in my home city of Liverpool as the leading Knowledge Transfer Business of 2016. It was an emotional night and it was lovely to share it with the team.

However, my two proudest moments have been our partnership with the Royal College in setting up mindfulness training for vets. This has been life-changing for some of the community and looking at the amazing team that I have helped to develop and grow over the last three years. They help me to develop as well!

I'm truly blessed to have such a dedicated team who want to help all our community members.