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Hello, I am Anthony Chadwick, a veterinary dermatologist and the founder of The Webinar Vet. We are the leaders in providing vets with veterinary CPD via the medium of webinars.

The Webinar Vet helps busy veterinary professionals manage their statutory Continuing Professional Development in the comfort of their own home by the use of live and recorded veterinary webinars. Vets must do 35 hours of CPD a year. However, many of my members do much more than this, resulting in better qualified vets who can look after the pets under their care better

In the last 3 years, I have revolutionised veterinary CPD, helping over 20,000 vets and veterinary nurses save valuable personal time by cutting down on needless travel time to meetings by bringing the training into their homes. My mission is to make veterinary CPD accessible and affordable to vets worldwide.

My website, has over 200 hours of veterinary CPD with an ever-growing library. Every week we present several new veterinary webinars and all our live veterinary webinars are recorded. We do a live members- only webinar most Thursdays in the year along with other webinars during the week. This allows our members to access education in many different areas including veterinary dermatology, small animal orthopaedics, veterinary cardiology, gastroenterology, equine and cattle and many other areas. My team has helped thousands of vets increase the hours of CPD they do each year with much less effort at a fraction of the cost.

My company has presented webinars for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the British Veterinary Association. Members of the BVA benefit from half price membership of our platinum membership. Our platinum membership has vets from all over the world including Sweden, Ireland, Australia, St Helena, Germany, Belgium and Japan

We also present webinars for many of the top veterinary pharmaceutical and feed companies in the world including Elanco, Novartis, Pedigree, Alstoe and Norbrook. Vets can come to these webinars for free. Over the last 3 years, we have provided well over 100,000 hours of veterinary CPD to vets all over the world.

Welcome to the site. I do hope you enjoy the site and sign up for our complimentary silver membership. Please feel free to contact me at